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My own little Good Vibe Tribe - the place you can show your love and support to me and my work, and the only place you can chat directly with me and get to know who I really am.

I've created the Instagram page @THEPEZSIPRIVATE for my true hardcore fans who wanna support my work and are curious to get to know who the women behind all the pictures really are. The deep, happy, sensitive, thoughtful, weird, funny, crazy, playful, adventurous girl with that big smile and all those Good Vibez. I'm so much more than my body and what I chose to show to my public followers, and @THEPEZSIPRIVATE is the only place where I show you all my sides - the good & the bad. For me there's nothing more intimate to give anyone than my personality and friendship, and that's what I want you to feel that you get - the REAL me.

What to expect being part of @THEPEZSIPRIVATE Instagram:
In exchange of supporting me I give you access to my private Instagram that includes exclusive content that is not posted anywhere else. Behind the scene from photoshoots, candid and selfies, Story videos, Question and Answers, my travels, my view and thoughts on life. This is also the only place I chat directly with individual followers daily.

YES - there is a lot of more hotness and implied nude shots than what I post on my public account, but NO - there is NOT  nude pictures :)

You'll need to have a proper Instagram profile to be part of the page, I can NOT accept anonymous profiles.


The monthly support is 20 / 25USD$
sent through PayPal following these steps


The monthly support on 20€ is sent to the PayPal address:
[email protected]

Please use the “Sending to a friend” option to be free of extra fees.


Write your Instagram username in the comment section of the transaction before sending so I know who you are.


When the payment is fulfilled send me a follow request to @THEPEZSIPRIVATE and I'll accept you within 24h.

Welcome to the page! ♥